Hello Friends!  I’m excited to announce a brand new book for your children! This was such a fun book to write. In it, we introduce a whole new set of characters!  For a limited time, it’s at the bargain price of less than a dollar. Only 99 pennies!  You can give your child a special reading treat right now! Plus, this book gives you a chance to talk about confidence and self-esteem with your kids in a fun way! You can grab it now!

Here’s the scoop:

Nilly Nelly is afraid of everything — especially BIG, BLACK, HAIRY SPIDERS! She’s so scared, she won’t leave her porch! Even when her friends invite her to go skating, she won’t budge.

Just when Nilly Nelly thinks she’s safe, DISASTER OCCURS! Her worst fear comes true! What will happen? Will she be brave enough? Will she survive? What will she discover about herself?

Enjoy this story of fear and courage. Snuggle up with your kids and have a great conversation about confidence and self-esteem. And have a laugh along the way. (Can your child find the spider in each illustration?)

A BONUS video book is included for your children’s entertainment. 

I hope you’ll all want to get a copy today for your young ones!  Enjoy!!  And thank you so much for stopping by! You are appreciated!

Much love,


Lynda Raymond Books