This Will Help! New Release

Greetings, Friends!!  Parents, do your children get upset when you drop them off with a sitter or a friend? Do they become scared or worried? Grown-ups Come Back can help!


Paddy is scared his mommy won’t come back to pick him up from Miss Buffy’s. At first, he’s mad at Mommy for dropping him off. Then, he becomes sad and lonely without her. Miss Buffy offers Paddy fun activities and a healthy snack, but Paddy isn’t interested. Will a yellow balloon bouncing off his nose change his mind?

Find out what Paddy learns in Grown-ups Come Back!

Snuggle up and read this entertaining story with your little ones. They’ll enjoy the colorful pictures and have an adventure right along with Paddy. They’ll identify with his fears and be relieved to find out his mommy does indeed come back.

It is our hope that this book will help ease your child’s separation anxiety! Purchase this book today! (Special temporary low price!) Let us know how you liked it! We love to hear from you!

Much love,

Lynda Raymond

Lynda Raymond Books


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